I want to know about HIV transmission and if a PEP would not be needed?

Hi I am a gay male and I hooked up with a guy last night which is not something I normally do as im usually very careful and talk about sexual health with partners before sex and have always used protection during anal sex. I was messing around with this guy, mainly masturbating each other and grinding on each other and a little bit of oral but then as he was rubbing himself against me it started to feel like he was trying to push himself into me and I pushed him away as he wasn’t wearing a condom and that is definitely not something I would do with someone I had just hooked up with. But the fact that he seemed willing to do that got me worried and I spoke with him today and asked him about it and he said he was just playing with the idea of it and that he wouldn’t actually have done it. Im pretty sure there was no penetration, as like I said I pushed him away, but maybe there could be a chance the very tip went a tiny bit in – im not really sure. Although I think I would have been aware, its just I start to doubt myself and there was a lot of lube on his penis from masturbating him due to the fact that he is circumcised. I asked him about his sexual health and if he gets checked regularly and uses condoms. I said that if he thinks he has put himself at risk and hasn’t been tested then I would consider taking pep although what we did was low risk so I would hope he would be honest in response to that. He said that he last got tested 6 months ago and has always used protection since then and that him and a guy were having unprotected sex but only with each other and they had both been tested and that this was around a year ago. Assuming that information is true, along with the activities we were doing and from what I know about HIV transmission I would say that the risk of transmission is very low and PEP would not be needed, but I wanted to also get the advice of a medical professional.


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Dr.Honey Arora
2:34 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well if you are exposed to precum also it can cause transmission of infection so first of all you need to confirm that was your partner infected?
The best part is to get a test done of your partner for a confirmation..
If not possible then you can get it tested as early as 2 weeks..
Further treatment if at all needed can be decided after that..

Hope this helps..