I was diagnosed mitrial valve prolapse, hard to focus and concentrate, need CT or MRI?

I’m 22 years old, male, I was diagnosed either mitrial valve prolapse in 2003 and I’m currently prescribed a 1mg tablet of ativan to take as needed to treat anxiety. My name is 9…).

Long story short, I’ve been having trouble with dizziness, feeling like totally disconnected, weird feelings in my head, can’t seem to get myself to focus and concentrate, etc. Just an overall troubled feeling in my head ever since I was diagnosed with an acute sinus infection/upper respiratory infection & possibly the beginnings of walking pneumonia and was given a course of antibiotics and a course of steroids. I forgot the dosages, I apologize for that.

1 month down the road I was told I had vertigo via some eye test he gave me with a light that i followed to show how they move (I dont know if that matters or helps) and fluid behind the ears. My doctor prescribed meclizine and it didn’t help at all and gave me heart palpitations besides.

Now we’re 2 months down the road and I’m still having trouble but then came all the lack of focus and concentration etc I described. Today I’ve gone to my doctor again and he says the fluid is mostly gone from my middle ear. He conducted a basic neurological exam along with that light test again and he claims I till have a little vertigo still. Also he claims I have nothing neurological to worry about. I’m still feeling worse somewhat and am still concerned.

My question is do you think 1) all of this could be connected to the vertigo or not so much??

2) do you think I should press for a CT scan or MRI just to be safe??

I admit I’m a hypochondriac but Ivery never experienced anything like this before. Now I’ve one some homework on like brain cancer and things like that. I haven’t threw up or lost the use of any limbs or anything like that but I’m still concerned there may be something brain related going on.

Do I have reason for concern because this has drawn out for over 2 months??

I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you and God bless.

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Ayman Darrag
6:31 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Knowing that ativan side effects contains dizziness and balance problem there are many other causes of vertigo(if you really feels spinning ) like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo ..menier’s disease and vestibular neuritis …less commonly other head related issues…
So I think you need to get a CT scan to figure out what’s wring with your sinuses/ear canal …
And seeing a balance and equilibrium specialist.
Do you feel the vertigo or you just have been told you have it by test??