I have needle like pain in my right side abdomen and groin with some pain in back?

It’s been a month and I am still suffering. It started with pining Needles like pain in my left chest and pain in hand. Got scared and did ECG and 2d Echo. This came back normal. Doctor suggested anxiety and acidity reflux and suggested the medicine for same. Things got improved and were feeling well after a week with medication. Then saw blood in the stool. Stool was normal yellow in color but few drops of blood in the pot. Stool color and shape was normal and not thinner or smaller. Doctor suggested hemorrhoid then has the medicine for same … After 4 to 5 day’s blood disappear and meanwhile gone throw test called sigmoidoscopy. This came back normal with no hemorrhoid or anal fissure or ulcer. Now I am again suffering with needles like pain in my right side abdomen and groin with some pain in back and also below last rib since three days. Please suggest..

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Ayman Darrag
7:23 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
I recommend doing a gastric endoscopy as these symptoms likely suggests an ulcer in your stomach…
Try avoiding caffeine ..citrus fruits and fatty foods
Drink plenty of water and calm down with breathing exercises and yoga ..get probiotics like yogurt also may help after eating or before bed time..

shalini p
6:24 am

hello there
these are symptoms of gastritis or hiatus hernia. take probiotics.if you get no relief, u should get a endoscopy and if required a biopsy of mucosa done