I had the brilliant idea to inject my my husbands semen into my uterus?

Age 38. History of seizure but not since age 12. No medications. Symptoms up and down fever 95* – 102.5 and body aches including teeth even hurting. Nausea but but food stays down just bubbles and yellow stuff. After 20yrs.of trying to conceive I had the brilliant idea to inject my my husbands semen into my uterus after ovulation test was a go without doing research this was a week ago. Starting yesterday I began having the fever with extreme body aches. How long before symptoms of infection start to show. I fell through the Obama care gap and make too much to get cheap insurance but not enough for help. Please any info would be a big help. Thanks bunches.

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Ayman Darrag
7:19 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
It seems you are having an infection somewhere in your body but I do not think it is due to injecting seneb intrauterine as this useless cause your acidic vagina will destroy those injected semen !!
Nausea with body aches and vomiting bubbles and yellow is related to a gut problem ..do you have dihrrea ? Pain in abdomen? Or shoulder ?heartburn ?

shalini p
6:57 am

hello there
it is a sign of generalised infection with pyrexia. get blood investigations done. start on antibiotics.
maintain good hydration