I was diagnosed with Type A influenza with bronchial thickening, is this anything to be worried about?

Hello…I am a 50 year old female. I was diagnosed with Type A influenza three weeks ago, on December 24, 2017. I continued to have the regular flu symptoms for several weeks and was experiencing quite a bit of coughing and some chest pain. I went to an urgent care center on January 9, 2018 to follow up, at which time they completed a two view chest X-ray, and I am attaching a copy of the results. The doctor indicated that I did not have pneumonia, but prescribed azithromycin to be safe, which has helped. He said I may have had bronchitis. I just saw the chest X-ray results today and see that it mentions “bronchial thickening” which made me concerned (I suffer from health anxiety). Is this anything to be worried about? I did have a CT scan and ventilation perfusion (?) scan of my lungs back in 2005, which showed mild bronchiectasis in both lungs. I have never smoked, am in good health and have never had shortness of breath, etc. Thank you for your assistance!

Age: 50
Medications: Azithromyacin

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:12 pm

Bronchial thickening means there is a buildup of fluid or mucus in the lungs – usually due to inflammation.. A prolonged influenza infection can cause the lungs to become inflamed. This is common and should disappear within 10 days. Azithromyacin will help if infection is bacterial.. No need to worry. Check back with your doctor if symptoms persist.

Dr.Honey Arora
4:52 am

The bronchial thickening is secondary to infection and inflammation..
But it is nothing serious and tend to resolve in 2-3 weeks.
Do not worry, proceed as per the physician advise..


Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. This seems to be normal. Flu symptoms should disappear within about 2 weeks. If symptoms persist, speak to your doctor. Thank you.

6:03 pm

I just wanted to thank all of you doctors for your time, expertise and reassurances..it is such a wonderful service that you provide here, and I am grateful to know that I can come to this forum for answers and reassurance (priceless to one who suffers from health anxiety!). Thank you again.