Question: I’m 15 year old have warts – skin tags on legs?

I am a female and I’m wondering if I can get warts located in the inner leg near the female reproduction area (aka. not in the vagina but the top part of the inner leg that is connected to it.) I’m 15 and I haven’t had any sexual intercourse what so ever and I’ve already taken all of the HPV shots required from school. Its not long or has a ”Trunk” like skin tags do but I can move it around a bit…I have one on both opposite sides of that specific area which makes two in total. It has a round shape much like the letter ”o” and I don’t know exactly what they are…whether they’re skin tags or warts. I haven’t seen a doctor yet because I’m still trying to get answers myself online. I’ve had them for quite some time now I can’t remember how long but roughly less than two years and they haven’t grown. I haven’t had any male parts touching skin to skin contact down there so I doubt it’s caused by that. Please give me your best advice…thanks.

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8:10 am

hi dear.. i understand your concern. warts ,hpv is a rare possibility as you are still a virgin and you seem to be very cautious about your health. you also have taken all the hpv shots earlier. skin tags or enlarged lymph nodes are quiet common in these regions. enlarged lymph nodes can occur due to any old infection and are usually dormant and wont cause any harm. O shaped, and slightly mobile, seem to be more of lymph nodes. a ultrasound scan of that region will help you confirm the diagnosis. doesnt seem to be anything to worry about… Read more »