Is it possible to have high blood pressure from anxiety?

I am a 35 year old male and suffer from anxiety attacks. Is it possible to have high blood pressure from anxiety? I always had a normal BP Blood pressure before getting these attacks but now my blood seems to get high suddenly or at least it feels that way. Thanks


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Domina Zluf
12:58 pm

Thanks for your question.

Yes. Episodes of anxiety, also referred to as anxiety attacks can spike your blood pressure.
But it will do so only temporarily. Anxiety attacks should not cause long term – chronic – blood pressure problems unless the episodes did some damage to your blood vessels or heart.

Consult with your doctor or with a mental health professional who can help you get your anxiety under control through therapy or medication.

Good Luck

Dr. Javez Ernesto
3:05 pm

In my opinion anxiety is a growing problem. Although a little anxiety every so often is quite normal, chronic anxiety will reduce the quality of your life and have a big impact on your health. Any sudden panic anxiety attack will produce heart palpitations, chest pains, and feeling of uneasiness and wooziness and even dizziness.

Dr.Honey Arora
10:11 am

Yes, severe stress and panic attacks can cause sudden temporary rise in blood pressure..
But if it become a chronic problem then you need to consult a Physician and get evaluated..
For now start doing meditation and yoga and also take proper sleep and nutritious diet.,
Keep yourself busy in work and the activities of your choice..
Listen to music and positivity demonstration videos..

Hope this helps..