Is there a relation between uti & any em zines being elevated ?

I have had an on going problem for approx 2 years. Rare for a day that I dont wake up or get heartburn everyday. Small of back hurts very badly almost everyday. Tired most all the time. Pressure from my bladder. No burning while urinating , no real pain in that area. Dizziness at times. My Dr orders blood work for me once a year. 3 months ago, she said I had 1 or more em zines that was elevated. Then approx 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a UTI .Is there a relation between the uti & any em zines being elevated ?

Age: 59
blood pressure – colestral – angzity

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Dr. Deepak Patel
12:41 am

Hello. Are you referring to high enzymes? Well, yes, High enzymes are associated with possible signs of damage or inflammation in liver. There is also a higher risk of UTIs preceding liver problems. Your doctor will perform further investigation to determine the cause of your high enzymes. In most cases high enzymes do not mean there is a serious problem.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:45 am

Hi. Well if you are talking about liver enzymes that are high then it can be due to some liver related disorder and can cause indigestion and other problems.. However there are a number of other enzymes secreted in the body so you need not be clear what you are talking about. UTI will not cause high enzymes but can be due to infection in the urinary tract.. So please upload your reports.. For UTI you can be advised antibiotics and also drink plenty of water. For heartburn it can be due to acid reflux and you can be advised… Read more »