I’ve had a skin infection for a month now, doctors have not been able to help?

I’ve had a skin infection for a month now as well as hives. First put on antibiotics but taken off after a few days and put on steroids as they believed hives were the issue and not an infection. The steroids helped the hives however the infection got worse. I’m now off the steroids after 5 day course, I have infected wounds all over my legs and arms and ear lobes, they have a yellow crust and red border, they are also very itchy. One on my arm has developed a red streak coming out of it over the last couple of hours, is this a sign it’s spreading? I have seen so many doctors over the past few weeks for this issue and I feel like theirs no point in going back as no one has truly helped me. Should I go back, or will this pass? Is it even a bacterial infection?


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Dr.Honey Arora
7:52 am

Hi.. It is looking to me more like an allergic reaction.. Can you please tell were any tests done like for allergy or infection? Did the steroids help you any way? Are you applying any topical ointments? Can you try taking anti allergics like levocetrizine or Allegra and start applying Caladryl lotion over the rashes. Do cool compresses or ice packs.. You can get few Allergic test done like RAST test, patch test, food challenge test, prick test etc for confirmation.. Please revert back with the answers as well as if you get any relief with the treatment I suggested..… Read more »