My father’s Tuberculosis (TB) was treated 3 times without success, need second opinion?

Hello doc, my father, age 59 was suffering from continuous high fever and cough since 16 Jan 2016. In Feb 2016 we consulted the doctor. They refereed to a chest physician. There The doctor prescribed for some tests as well as CT thorax. In test we got to know that there a small phlural effusion in right chest. The doctor tried to pull the liquid from back with the injection bt nothing came out. He started the treatment of tuberculosis. For a few months everything was good. Bt again fever started. This time we consult the best chest physician in Lucknow. He also taken some test as well as CT scans and x rays. He too prescribed the same medicine as before i.e. Tuberculosis. There he again tried to pull the fluid from the chest with help of ultrasound machine bt nothing came out.
Today after one and a half year the situation is same. The fever continues as well as cough. The body becomes weaker. The treatment of tuberculosis is still going on. After 6 trials of pulling out the fluid from chest the result is zero. Doctors are also confused bout the disease. Tell me what to do?


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Dr.Honey Arora
7:47 am

So sorry to hear about your fathers problems..

I would like to first of all know that if he has pleural effusion then why is he being treated for Tuberculosis??
Were his tests for tuberculosis done and were they positive?
Also please upload all his reports so that I can evaluate them personally before I can advise anything..
Also what medicines are being given to him currently?
Does he has any other medical problems?

Please revert back with answers..