Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia?

Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia? Had back surgery on 12/8- complained x3 post op visits to surgeon about left side rib pain. He said the rib pain had nothing to do with the back surgery. .Still having pain, saw GP on 2/1- Chest x-ray shows healing 7th left side rib fracture. Pre OP chest x ray is normal I have not bee sick. Can this fx have been a result of the anesthesia?

Age: 55
Medications: Ambien 10 mg

I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin, is this a consequence of my low blood test results?

In January 2017 I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin. I was admitted to the ER 3 days in a row. On the last day I was so out of it I barely remember what the doctor said before she released me. For the last several months I have continued to have itchy skin, night sweats, and major fatigue. I’ve even developed hives on the vaginal area. I decided to log in to my health care chart online and check out my blood test results from 10 months ago. They seem alarming low and other very high. I’m waiting to get more blood drawn this week. can you give me some insight on these number? I will say that I was on 20mg of prednisone at the time the test was given. Would prednisone really affect the test this much?

WBC – 13.2
RBC – 3.87
Neutro Auto – 92%
Lymph Auto – 4.9%
Mono Auto – 3.0%
Neutro Absolute – 12.1
Lymph Absolute – 0.6
Mono Absolute – 0.4

Medications: Adderall but not at the time of the blood test

I have a swollen lymph node in my neck, should I be concerned?

I have a swollen lymph node in my neck, it has been there since April (it is now Sept). It is small, well less than 2cm and probably less than 1cm. It is not painful and if it is growing it is growing very slowly. I had my primary physician look at it a few weeks ago and he did not seem concerned. I am not tired, I have my normal energy levels, I have not had any sudden weight loss, and no night sweats. The only thing that concerns me is that I have a rash on top of my feet and I am itchy in places. Should I be concerned?

Age: 48
Medications: None

My father’s Tuberculosis (TB) was treated 3 times without success, need second opinion?

Hello doc, my father, age 59 was suffering from continuous high fever and cough since 16 Jan 2016. In Feb 2016 we consulted the doctor. They refereed to a chest physician. There The doctor prescribed for some tests as well as CT thorax. In test we got to know that there a small phlural effusion in right chest. The doctor tried to pull the liquid from back with the injection bt nothing came out. He started the treatment of tuberculosis. For a few months everything was good. Bt again fever started. This time we consult the best chest physician in Lucknow. He also taken some test as well as CT scans and x rays. He too prescribed the same medicine as before i.e. Tuberculosis. There he again tried to pull the fluid from the chest with help of ultrasound machine bt nothing came out.
Today after one and a half year the situation is same. The fever continues as well as cough. The body becomes weaker. The treatment of tuberculosis is still going on. After 6 trials of pulling out the fluid from chest the result is zero. Doctors are also confused bout the disease. Tell me what to do?


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I have had a Botox Treatment of 30 units, now have a bump in middle of my forehead?

I am very disappointed with my Botox treatment. I never thought this could happen. I have had a Botox Treatment consisting of 30 units in my forehead about 30 days ago, now have a huge bump right in the middle of my forehead. Very ugly. What can I do about it? Did my doctor make a mistake? Please help.

I have shoulder pain after Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (acdf) surgery?

shoulder pain after surgery

may 24th 2016 i had an acdf surgery the treat pain and numbness in my right shoulder arm and hand after the surgery i started feeling the same symptoms in my left shoulder arm and hand i started complaining about it while still in the hospital recovering from the acdf the doctor said it was normal now 1 year later the symptoms have not got better any type of manual labor makes it worse something a simple as turning a steering wheel with my left arm makes it worse is it normal to still have these symptoms 1 year after acdf thanks

I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2015, I am still having severe pain?

I am a 46 year old female. I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2015. The doctor said it was not working. I am still having severe pain, that I have to go to the ER. What is going on? Is there a medical term used for this type of condition? I had the scope done in February, and nothing showed up but two polyps and both were benign. I am really getting scared because nothing has been found. The last visit to the ER, they did blood work. Would the blood work have shown if I have cancer or not, or is there a certain test they have to do to check for cancer? Also my blood pressure was up and my heart rate was 138. Please help!

I think my urologist did a poor job with my circumcision?

I am a 70 year old man and I was circumcised about two years ago. I think my urologist did a poor job. Since the surgery I have had constant itching around the head of my penis. The itching is s bad that I can bear the pain caused by rubbing it raw more than I can bear the itching. My MD prescribed a steroidal cream that I used for about a year but that didn’t really help ether. I use Vaseline intensive care but it really doesn’t help. I moved and no longer have a doctor available. Is there anything I can do to stop this unbearable itching?

I have been using minoxidil lotion on my scalp prescribed by a hair loss clinic I’m now very worried that I’m going to have a heart attack?

I have been using minoxidil lotion on my scalp to increase hair growth (plus laser therapy and saw palmetto tablets) all as prescribed by a hair loss clinic. I have been doing this since January 2017 . I have noticed slight palpitations and googled a possible connection with Minoxidil. I found that it can give you palpitations and even chest pains. I also suffer somewhat from health anxiety and can’t easily separate fear from genuine physical symptoms. I’m now very worried that I’m going to have a heart attack. If I stop the Minoxidil, all gains will have been lost and I’d have thrown away £900…

I would like to have reassurance that I’m unlikely to damage my heart.

I was prescribed Norfloxacin for an upper respiratory bacterial infection Was that a proper medication prescription?

Hi, I was prescribed Norfloxacin for an upper respiratory bacterial infection, after 2 days i got a sever sore throat?
1. Was that a proper medication prescription?
2. Is the sore throat an allergic reaction to the antibiotic? I also had mild diarrhea

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I believe not been monitored by doctor closely enough?

Hello. My name is (…). My boyfriend is 25 years old. He has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, about 5 months ago. Lately, he has been having slight chest pain, no energy at all, and dizzy spells very often. His current doctor said it is because his body is still adjusting to the insulin….but does it really take the body this long to adjust to insulin? I don’t think he should be having chest pain and dizzy spells. He says he feels “weird”. His current doctor is booked until July. We are thinking of going to emergency room, but I would like an answer from here first. His doctor also said he is in the “honeymoon” stage of diabetes. I believe he has not been monitored by his doctor closely enough.

I got sick after going to my doctor she gave me 2 antibiotics flustat, adco cyclizine for my ears and pain tablets?

hi my age; 28yrs
i have stretched a heart muscle when i was younger and had stitch like problem around that area, also i have had ear infections when i was younger as well, my problem now is that i got sick after going to my doctor she gave me 2 antibiotics flustat, adco cyclizine for my ears and pain tablets containing codeine, when i got sick after taking these medz i felt light headed and drunk, my blood pressure drop as well as my sugar levels, i went back to her the next day and she said that i should leave the adco cyclizine and the pain tablets as both contain codeine, recently i have been getting anxiety and panic attacks because i am worried, before i went to my doctor everything was fine, i am on iron tablets at the moment ferrous forte and rescue a natural anxiety tablet, but i am having heart palpitations at night at around about 23;30 and 00;00 i drink sugar water and take an iron tablet and anxiety tablet when this happes as i do not know what is wrong with me deep breaths calms me and the weird feelings go away

I have developed a tremor in my left hand concerned that this is a progression of something that went not diagnosed?

I have developed a tremor in my left hand for the last 5 months. It is only when I do one specific action (i.e chopping movement from the elbow) My hand quivers from side to side when I do this. I also have tenderness in my elbow and my doctor is dismissive of it and says it must be tennis elbow. But it is going on so long now I am getting concerned. I have seen a neurologist 3 years ago in relation to tingling of the arms and legs and jumping muscles. She did some simple neurological exams on me and said it was not anything but maybe fibromyalgia. I am concerned that this is a progression of something that went undiagnosed.

Just had 3 root canals at the dentist, now I have lots of pain?


Just had a (3 roots) root canal treatment at the dentist there was/is an inflammation. Now i have lots of pain. Worse than before the Root canal treatment.

My dentist say’s antibiotics dont help for the inflemmation. Is She correct? Or Should I go to an other dentist for the antibiotics?

I had wrist surgery it was the biggest mistake of my life?

I made an operation to the wrist, where they made me a fusion of four corners, and they removed the scaphoid. This surgery was the biggest mistake of my life, I could live with the pain I had, now I have pain all the time, the wrist movement is close to 10%, more than that is always pain. Before surgery I was promised that I would not have any pain, although I would lose 50% of the movement, and that recovery would be between 2 to 5 months. The results I had was pain always, and I lost about 90% of the movement. I’m a cook, obviously I need more wrist movement. My question is what are the solutions to my problem, and if there is any expert who is specialized in this problem. I wonder if there is a possibility of reversing this fusion of four corners.