I had wrist surgery it was the biggest mistake of my life?

I made an operation to the wrist, where they made me a fusion of four corners, and they removed the scaphoid. This surgery was the biggest mistake of my life, I could live with the pain I had, now I have pain all the time, the wrist movement is close to 10%, more than that is always pain. Before surgery I was promised that I would not have any pain, although I would lose 50% of the movement, and that recovery would be between 2 to 5 months. The results I had was pain always, and I lost about 90% of the movement. I’m a cook, obviously I need more wrist movement. My question is what are the solutions to my problem, and if there is any expert who is specialized in this problem. I wonder if there is a possibility of reversing this fusion of four corners.

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Ayman Darrag
8:39 pm

This surgery can limit your ulnar and radial deviation movements but should not hinder flexion,extension,rotations of the wrist..
What I really recommend is going with a physiotherapy rehabilitation program using paraffin wax and ultra sound treatments ,exercises to strength your wrist muscle and improve the range if motion for at least 12 sessions in a month ..
I have seen a case like yours recently and it responded very well to this program and pain decreased in 5 sessions to 30% and after 12 sessions the patient was able to practice handy crafts (his own job).
Feel better soon.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:12 pm

Fusion can be undone but the removed scaphoid must be replaced by a bone graft from fibula, otherwise it won’t help
This is the solution from my point of view
Good Luck

2:45 am

hi, i am an orthopaedic surgeon and we have been doing many surgeries like this for various causes. At our clininc,we actually put a silicon scaphoid spacer instead of fusion. This spacer keeps the needed space in between the bones and maintains their congruency and synovial fluid within the joints. This helps to keep the pain away and limitation of wrist movements is very negligible. In this Xray,there are some regions where the bones are not completely fused and you can talk to your doctor about the silicon spacer. Arthoscopic removal of adhesions followed by agressive physio is another option.… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
4:39 am

I believe you ‘ll need to separate that fusion ,and start it all over again , orthopaedic surgeon with physiotherapist would help

Dr.Honey Arora
12:00 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well, you should consult an Orthopaedic surgeon as they expertise in such kind of cases, however initially you can be advised Physiotherapy sessions to improve the movement of the joint as well as relieving pain by strengthening the muscles and ligaments..

In case if there is no improvement then surgical treatment can be done to relieve fusion and improve movement..

Hope this information helps..


6:24 pm

I had the same 4 corner fusion surgery and lm 6 months post op and I feel the same way you do it does nothing but hurt I would also love to have it reversed is it possible and that I’d be able to get my range of motion back? The pain before surgery was bareable now I can’t even cut zucchini without pain and now the ache is constant if there is a procedure that would give me my hand back I would love to know

11:43 pm

I am literally going though the same exact thing 4 corner fusion with scaphoid removal and biggest mistake of my life I am in so much constant pain it’s becoming in bearable. Today my surgon finally called me with the results of the ultrasound he ordered and told me he can’t find the source of the pain he’s not sure why it still hurts its time for me to seek another opnion…I’m waiting on a referral to another wrist surgon this will be the third… I’m a hairstylist and haven’t been able to do hair in 3 years now I… Read more »