I got sick after going to my doctor she gave me 2 antibiotics flustat, adco cyclizine for my ears and pain tablets?

hi my age; 28yrs
i have stretched a heart muscle when i was younger and had stitch like problem around that area, also i have had ear infections when i was younger as well, my problem now is that i got sick after going to my doctor she gave me 2 antibiotics flustat, adco cyclizine for my ears and pain tablets containing codeine, when i got sick after taking these medz i felt light headed and drunk, my blood pressure drop as well as my sugar levels, i went back to her the next day and she said that i should leave the adco cyclizine and the pain tablets as both contain codeine, recently i have been getting anxiety and panic attacks because i am worried, before i went to my doctor everything was fine, i am on iron tablets at the moment ferrous forte and rescue a natural anxiety tablet, but i am having heart palpitations at night at around about 23;30 and 00;00 i drink sugar water and take an iron tablet and anxiety tablet when this happes as i do not know what is wrong with me deep breaths calms me and the weird feelings go away

I had a semen analysis, not convinced lab analyzed it correctly?

31 male. No medication. I had a vasectomy 2 years ago and it took roughly 6 months of semen analysis saying 1 or rnms. My urologist had me bring a sample and said I’m sterile. He used a microscope. I wanted a clear lab result so at a year I went and received 2 clear samples!! After the lab spilled 2 of them in transit. I thought about the issues and had 1 more test done last month to make sure and the result was sperm present. So again my urologist had me bring a sample in and he said without a doubt I’m sterile. I asked why the lab said there were sperm and he said sometimes they don’t know what they are looking at. It was quest diagnostics. Now I’m unsure. Can a lab be wrong? Or trust my dr.

I lost a loved one who was shot in the head twice, brain dead but organs working?

I just have a question..I lost a loved one who was shot in the head twice when the police got to him they said that his foot was still on the break and the police were able to put the car in park. He was “coherent” when they found him, but said he was unable to speak. They did a Cat scan and it showed no activity at all. He was transported to another hospital and also they did a cat scan where also it showed no brain activity at all. They said he was brain dead but his organs were still working I am so confused on the part where they said he was coherent and also on the part where they said his organs were still working but his is brain dead and they declared him dead although his heart was pumping and lungs were working. I am not doubting the Dr’s I am just having a hard time understanding how someone is called…brain death. ? They did unplug him off of machine and he only had 1% oxygen so they hurried and connected him back to machine. We had to make a decision to take him off…:( bc they said that his body would have shut down on it’s own. That the only thing keeping him stable was meds and the vent. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully able to give me some info to make me understand better.

I have had 5 surgeries I am in constant pain.

My name is (…) i am 49 years old. I have had 5 surgeries to remove mesh from my female area 2 of those were reconstruction surgeries. I have had my hack checked nothing is wrong with it. I am in constant pain. I try to work but my wrist knees back gut elbow and ankles hurt constantly. I have headaches. I also have a hard time functioning because being in pain all the timw is depressing.i don’t sleep much. My dr has placed me on a pain pill levothroxin osphena. I also take zoloft. But to be honest between the pain no sleep i am so tired all the time and i just want to cry

I came up positive for amphetamine, was I wrongfully discharged?

I was seeing a pain management dr and she was prescribing me percocet. I told the dr I wasn’t taking it bc I was extremely ill and taking dayquil/nyquil, zpak and my inhaler occasionally. They discharged me bc they said I should have came up positive for amphetamine. I argued with with them for 30 minutes saying amphetamine and acetaminophen are 2 completely different thing but she kept arguing with me that they were the same. I think i know the difference between the 2 bc i work in the health care field. So does this mean I was wrongfully discharged?

Had surgery on my tail bone won’t heel, doctor said was good but it’s not?

Had surgery on my tail bone first the doctor stitched it and it blew open then my wife packed it to heal from the inside out but it won’t heal all the way and did surgery October 31 what can be done doctor looked at it 2 weeks ago and said was good but it’s not.