I have sharp stinging pain in my thigh after professional massage therapy is it a nerve injury?

I had a professional massage yesterday, not really even deep tissue, but firm pressure. She spent maybe 5 mins. max working on my thigh, it was not overly painful and nothing out of the ordinary but I woke up this morning with severe pain in my thigh. However, the pain is very central to an area about the size of a silver dollar over the medial edge of my rectus femoris (about 1.5 inches down from my pelvis) and does not radiate unless that part of my leg is touched (even then it goes maybe 2 inches down). When the area is pressed on, even lightly, I get a sharp stinging pain that is so extreme that I have to sit and catch my breath after. I know that the femoral nerve runs around there but my skin has complete feeling, no tingling when touched, I have no pain anywhere else on my leg or groin and no bruising. I have never experienced this type of pain before and am therefore wondering if this is characteristic of a nerve injury or something more severe that I should go to a clinic for (i.e. blood clot, etc.).
Additional info that may or may not be pertinent, I had 3 cardiac ablations that went through my thigh) not far from the area of pain). The last one was in Dec. 2015.
I am 20 years old and in good health.

I am under doctors care but I feel like I need a second opinion?

I am a 42 yr old female..this is my second clot in left leg and one in growing..I have one n my left thigh as we speak..the pain is crazy..I am under doctors care but I feel like I need a second opinion..the doctor that I was seeing when I got my first clot passed away..wish he was here..this is stopping me from working and my employer saying that they can’t hold my job..been out since 11/30/2106..what do I do? I am steering myself out about my health and job..a cry for help

I have anemia! I was diagnosed with pneumonia, pain has now moved to my shoulder and ribs is it normal?

Hi i am a 18 yr old female, I have anemia! I was diagnosed with pneumonia on the 2/1/17 after having a cough and other symptoms for over 9weeks, the pneumonia is in my left lung, when I went to the hospital I had pain in my back and chest, the pain has now moved to my shoulder and ribs on left side, is this normal? The pain it really sharp and painful I have also started coughing again this had stopped for about five days and now it’s returned, is that normal? I finish my medication on Monday!

I have pernicious anaemia and require regular B12 injections, not sure my doctor is doing it right?

I have pernicious anaemia and require regular B12 injections.

I have a new doctor whom I trust. However, when the time comes for my B12 injection, I wonder if he is doing it right because all the other doctors who have injected me with B12 have inflicted me with some level of pain (which I don’t mind as I am used to it and I know to expect it from the B12s). This doctor however inflicts no pain at all and the injection is done very quickly (I always have injections in upper arm) and I can’t help wondering if he is doing it right (He does not hold the needle perpendicular to the skin but slanted too). I have not dared raising the question with him though I have mentioned how painless his injections are. Should I be more open and discuss this with him or is he possibly aware of a way of injecting this B12 which most other doctors don’t know about?

I am 56, female.

I came up positive for amphetamine, was I wrongfully discharged?

I was seeing a pain management dr and she was prescribing me percocet. I told the dr I wasn’t taking it bc I was extremely ill and taking dayquil/nyquil, zpak and my inhaler occasionally. They discharged me bc they said I should have came up positive for amphetamine. I argued with with them for 30 minutes saying amphetamine and acetaminophen are 2 completely different thing but she kept arguing with me that they were the same. I think i know the difference between the 2 bc i work in the health care field. So does this mean I was wrongfully discharged?

My fiance can no longer walk, diagnosed with giallam barret incorrectly, hospital has no explanation?

I am writing you on behalf of my fiance, she is 37. Her medical history includes a long bout with insomnia, thyroid problems, digestion problems, her gallbladder was removed in june, and recently she has had trouble with low potassium and magnesium levels. On oct. 26th she went into the hospital for stomach issues and came out wit no use of her legs, they gradually weakened over a period of about a week until one day they were useless. She describes a numbness combined with what she calls painful pinpoint fireworks all over her body. She was diagnosed with giallam barret syndrome. The hospital began treatment for it. After the 1st day of treatment she was transferred to UNC, within 2 days they determined she did not have giallim barret, they tested her and the test came back negative. So they sent her back to cape fear valley hospital where they continued treatment even though she tested negative for it at UNC. They never told us what was wrong with her, or why she could no longer walk. On Friday nov. 18th they discharged her. And now I’ve had to stop working to take full 24 hr care. And the numbness is spreading up throughout her body. Her arms and hands are going now, she can barely use them, and her entire body is in pain, her back, neck, legs, feet, ache constantly and intensely, she describes her body as one big exposed tingling nerve. We have returned to 2 separate hospitals since then, only to be sent home with no explanation oh any help. Her inability to use her legs has been going on for over 3 weeks now. Her normal medications are ambien, seriquill, trazidone, also a senthoid, symbalta, and the hospital gave her gabapenton which seems to do nothing for her.

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My grandfather (71 years old ) was the victim of a medical mistake?

My grandfather (71 years old ) was the victim of a medical mistake as doctors has given him wrong medicines that decreased so much the potassium and sodium in his blood making his walking hard but now they are giving him the cure or correction he is getting better as he can walk alone with the walker but how much does it take to go completely away , to regain his strengths?

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11 yo son received dye /liquid into cannula during CT scan, now has tremors?

this is in regards to my 11yo son. He has been diagnosed with multiple AVMs of the face.
He has had 9 angiograms with embolisations to various areas and one Avm surgically removed.
Just recently he had a head CT as a new AVM appeared at the back of his skull.
After the CT he had a noticeable tremor in his right hand.
During the CT some of the dye /liquid went into his cannula but the cannula came unscrewed and liquid leaked out , how much I don’t know.
The radiologist reloaded a new batch and started again. Could these tremors be caused through too much dye/liquid being given?
He still has tremors over a week later and the pediatrician is concerned. Is the extra dye given a possible reason for the tremor
thanks (—)

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