I suffered an injury to my left middle shoulder, after treatment my pain is worse?

Hi, years ago i suffered injury to my left middle shoulder in the gym. A year ago I went to a physiotherapist (bioenergist) hoping he could help fix my shoulder. Instead of treating my shoulder directly He told me to lay on my stomach (so I did), and He went on top of me and started cracking my entire spine (bashing) forcefully. I didn’t know what cracking my spine had to do with my left shoulder problem, but ever since than i started to feel weakness in muscles of my sacral vertebraes all the way to my cervical vertebraes. I can’t sleep properly for months, i feel like I don’t have will for life anymore, everytime when I eat food I feel like I am going to suffocate on food, my neck muscles really loosen up, the back of my neck is shaking, I am having a hard time to breathe deeply, most of the muscles of my body are loosen up, I am breathing more through my stomach rather than I should breathe through my thorax, I feel like my back ribs are making pressure on my lungs, I can’t burp when I need to. The physiotherapist treatment made my life very difficult to live. I don’t know what to do. I am desperate. Could you please help me?

Medications: None

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 and a half years ago?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 and a half years ago and have been taking methamazole, at a recent Dr visit i was told i have hypothyroidism and was put on Levothyroxin. my question is was i misdiagnosed or could my thyroid have changed in that 2 and a half years.


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I have shoulder pain after Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (acdf) surgery?

shoulder pain after surgery

may 24th 2016 i had an acdf surgery the treat pain and numbness in my right shoulder arm and hand after the surgery i started feeling the same symptoms in my left shoulder arm and hand i started complaining about it while still in the hospital recovering from the acdf the doctor said it was normal now 1 year later the symptoms have not got better any type of manual labor makes it worse something a simple as turning a steering wheel with my left arm makes it worse is it normal to still have these symptoms 1 year after acdf thanks

I had Humerus fracture surgery, now need another?

Humerous fracture

I was humerus middle shaft fracture in 15th June 2017. next day surgery my right humerus for fixation of plate and screw. But after 3 month plate was not holding properly and plate was all most outside the bone but healing not properly. So I change the doctor and place. Doctor advise removal of plate and extensible higher or large plate or bone grafting. In April 27th again surgery but this time doctor fix of rod Nail syntheses. But present time pain in my right hand and not proper healing. Please intimate me what I can do

I received cortisone shots in my scalp for the purpose of hair growth but the shot left me with hyper pigmentation?

I received cortisone shots in my scalp for the purpose of hair growth but the shot left me with hyper pigmentation. Each area that the shot was applied has a white spot in the area making it visible where I received each shot. No hair has grown in those areas at all. I received the shot January 31, 2017. Today is May 16, 2017 and I have yet to see any improvement. Is there anything I can do to reverse what looks like blotch white spots on my scalp? It’s very noticeable because the spots are so much lighter than my regular complexion

I think my urologist did a poor job with my circumcision?

I am a 70 year old man and I was circumcised about two years ago. I think my urologist did a poor job. Since the surgery I have had constant itching around the head of my penis. The itching is s bad that I can bear the pain caused by rubbing it raw more than I can bear the itching. My MD prescribed a steroidal cream that I used for about a year but that didn’t really help ether. I use Vaseline intensive care but it really doesn’t help. I moved and no longer have a doctor available. Is there anything I can do to stop this unbearable itching?

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I believe not been monitored by doctor closely enough?

Hello. My name is (…). My boyfriend is 25 years old. He has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, about 5 months ago. Lately, he has been having slight chest pain, no energy at all, and dizzy spells very often. His current doctor said it is because his body is still adjusting to the insulin….but does it really take the body this long to adjust to insulin? I don’t think he should be having chest pain and dizzy spells. He says he feels “weird”. His current doctor is booked until July. We are thinking of going to emergency room, but I would like an answer from here first. His doctor also said he is in the “honeymoon” stage of diabetes. I believe he has not been monitored by his doctor closely enough.

I have been evaluated by a neurologist but my rheumatologist is questioning my symptoms, need second opinion?

23 yo F.
I have been evaluated by a neurologist (these are their findings and am waiting for the specialist, which is awhile out) but my rheumatologist is questioning my symptoms:
– DEEP TENDON REFLEXES: 1 biceps, 1 triceps, 0 knees, and 0 ankles.
– COORDINATION: There is no dysmetria with finger-nose-finger maneuver or heel-knee-shin maneuver
-MUSCULOSKELETAL: Immediately noted is the appearance of diminished intrinsic hand muscle bulk. When she is asked to extend her fingers, fingers are extended at the MCP joints but flexed at the PIP joints. No, I do not have arthritis or swelling. No clubbing.
-Left extensor hallucis 3/5, Right 4/5.

I’m now finding that I actually cannot lift my toe from the ground for more than a tremor of a quick second.

**topamax is for migraines and complex partial seizures

I had a soft tissue contrast neck MRI, it was a terrible experience is this normal?

Hello i had soft tissue contrast neck mri last Saturday. I felt burning sensation at the back of my head after 10 min..i thought i should bare it.When the technician took me out I told her she said if you sure to continoue it is your choose.. i asked how many min left i was there already 20 min she said 5 i said i decided to continoue but 2 days feeling headache and burning sensation is still continue at the back of my head burning sensation some pain behind my left ear..it was a terrible experience to go through with it..

I donated plasma the other day my vein is now hard and hurts and I’m getting bad headaches?

I donated plasma the other day and there power went out . 25 min later they turned the machine by hand to return my blood. My vein was hard about 1 inch long but now 3 days later it’s from my elbow to my wrist hard and hurts and I’m getting bad headaches

I contracted a spinal infection and 3 operations later I have been left with a damaged spine?


I recently had a small back operation to treat a prolapsed disc. During the operation I contracted a spinal infection and 3 operations later I have been left with a damaged spine at the L4/5 level.

The pain in my spine is chronic and I also suffer from severe referred pain.

As a result I have been prescribed a range of pain killers including 80mg of Oxycodone daily, 300mg of Pregabalin daily, 40mg of Paroxetine daily and 20mg of Oxynorm as required.

My questions are: ‘Would this be considered an appropriate level of pain medication for my condition and what long-term side effects should I expect?

Surgeon said he had to take cartilage out from my jaw?

Hi , got my all 4 of my wisdom teeth out 7 months, but about 4 days ago i got sharp pain in my lower jaw bone , the surgeon said he had to talk cartilage out from my jaw when he was doing the operation, but i hadn’t had any previous pain before hand, and now its starting to effect my other side of my bottom jaw, just wondering could it be a bone infection thanks

I have mysterious contracted muscle on left side of back somewhere on rhomboid muscle?

I had a hard tissue like contracted muscle on left side of back somewhere on rhomboid muscle, between spine and scapula, its in shaped of Cylinder lying horizontal cc5cm long, thick as marker or fat pencil. It hurts on touch, I have had my left side of rib cage,shoulder and neck in pain, one times it was so painful I couldn’t use left arm. but it decreased as i had lost weight(by diet). There is no pain any more only sensitive lump under skin thats move during massage but also hurt under firm touch.
Pain started two years ago after losing 20kg with training and working long shifts and decreased before one month after losing 8 kg more. Had been at two doctors first didn’t find anything, second found inflamed nerve on scapula don’t remember name of nerve something with first letter T. and couple others disorders of spine. Should I seek third opinion and what are Yours thoughts on mysterious tissue.Thank You.
but nothing for medical treatment.

I was given an IV incorrectly in the ER which gave me superficial thrombophlebitis?

I am 33 years old female. To start, for the past week and a half I have had a pre-existing vein injury. I was given an IV incorrectly in the ER which gave me superficial thrombophlebitis. My hand and forearm on the right side were affected. I was almost healed when today I smashed my right thumb by accident. After smashing it the pad of my right thumb turned purple and my hand begin to tingle, traveling up my right forearm. I immediately ran it under warm water and elevated above heart level like instructed when I first got the vein injury. I am concerned that since I had a pre-existing vein injury that smashing my thumb could have caused complications in my nerves. I do have some swelling in the whole right hand again now, mostly In the thumb. But the tingling is traveling through my whole hand and forearm. I was looking for insight as to whether or not I should continue to care for it as I did when I first got the vein injury by applying heat and keeping it elevated or if I should see my doctor as soon as possible. I have attached photos