I was given an IV incorrectly in the ER which gave me superficial thrombophlebitis?

I am 33 years old female. To start, for the past week and a half I have had a pre-existing vein injury. I was given an IV incorrectly in the ER which gave me superficial thrombophlebitis. My hand and forearm on the right side were affected. I was almost healed when today I smashed my right thumb by accident. After smashing it the pad of my right thumb turned purple and my hand begin to tingle, traveling up my right forearm. I immediately ran it under warm water and elevated above heart level like instructed when I first got the vein injury. I am concerned that since I had a pre-existing vein injury that smashing my thumb could have caused complications in my nerves. I do have some swelling in the whole right hand again now, mostly In the thumb. But the tingling is traveling through my whole hand and forearm. I was looking for insight as to whether or not I should continue to care for it as I did when I first got the vein injury by applying heat and keeping it elevated or if I should see my doctor as soon as possible. I have attached photos

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:11 pm

I see no reason to worry, you can not have damaged your nerve, swelling can cause tingling as nerves get compressed, once swelling is gone you will be okay
Good Luck

3:06 am

this injury does not seem to be related to the thrombophlebitis that you had earlier.
this damage is to the thumb soft tissues and nerves causing radiating pain to the forearm.
you should get a xray done to rule out any underlying bony injury.
take anti inflammatory tablets along with ice packs.

Ayman Darrag
7:37 am

It is a minor injury so you need to use ice application not hot water..then you should take anti inflammatory for ..
Keep your arms elevated as possible to reduce swelling..
The nerve is in the wrist area so it is away from the injury site and can be affected only by compression due to odema of the arm..