I have discharge from my eyes spreading throughout my body?

Hi I am a 51 year old female. I have had this web like discharge coming from my eyes for over a year now. It’s has spread throughout my whole body. Now it comes out my ears, nose, and my bottom. I have pictures so you can even see it. This is making, me more sick as it gets worse. All my joints are so sore and I’m tired all the time.

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:01 pm

You should do general autoimmune disease tests also check blood electrolytes and glucose, from there you can know your next step, which can be parathyroid gland problems, diabetes,, RA or even normal hormonal unbalance at your age , can not rule out depression
Please list any medications you are on
Good Luck

3:09 am

auto immunity seems to be more likely leading to generalised infection spreading through the blood and body fluids.
get a complete blood hemogram done along with hormonal assays.
start on vitamin supplements along with vitamin C and vitamin D.

Ayman Darrag
7:32 am

Most probably you are suffering an autoimmune disease ,get CRP,ANA,CBC ,PTH, tests done to know where to go ..
An immunologist can help you with follow up.