I have mysterious contracted muscle on left side of back somewhere on rhomboid muscle?

I had a hard tissue like contracted muscle on left side of back somewhere on rhomboid muscle, between spine and scapula, its in shaped of Cylinder lying horizontal cc5cm long, thick as marker or fat pencil. It hurts on touch, I have had my left side of rib cage,shoulder and neck in pain, one times it was so painful I couldn’t use left arm. but it decreased as i had lost weight(by diet). There is no pain any more only sensitive lump under skin thats move during massage but also hurt under firm touch.
Pain started two years ago after losing 20kg with training and working long shifts and decreased before one month after losing 8 kg more. Had been at two doctors first didn’t find anything, second found inflamed nerve on scapula don’t remember name of nerve something with first letter T. and couple others disorders of spine. Should I seek third opinion and what are Yours thoughts on mysterious tissue.Thank You.
but nothing for medical treatment.

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2:25 am

yes,you should get another opinion as the area of the swelling is significant.
it seems to be a neuroma or fibromyoma.
any swelling in this region should not be neglected.
get mri and aspiration / excisional biopsy to confirm.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:37 am

This is rhomboid muscle fibrosis it can be treated with soft tissue manipulation, ultrasound and deep friction massage, I recommend that you see a good physical therapist
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
4:07 pm

this is most probably an old muscle strain that healed with fibrosis ,in my opinion you should see an osteopath as he can assess soft tissue lesions,and treat them,also a physiotherapist can help by using US therapy and deep friction massage.