Scheduled for root canal tomorrow wondering if should cancel after drug use?

On vacation did some coke off on past 4 days did a little last night… scheduled for root canal tomorrow wondering if should cancel not a user just worried casue forgot about appointment… it will be like 20 hours from last use till appointment. I’m about 6 foot 205. Procedure is a root canal and have done more then a gram total

Age: 37
Medications: None

I have slowly lost my taste and smell, what has caused this?

In the last year I have slowly lost my taste and smell. I can taste extreme tastes like sugar and salt. This started in Dec ,’16 after a bad cold and has gotten worse since then. My teeth have gotten really bad in the last few years and I am going in for dentures. I am 76. Maybe you could tell me what has caused this……(—)

Age: 76
Medications: Eliquis 5mg, cartia xt 120mg, terazosin 5mg and multi vitiamins.
General Information: No.

I Have had a fever for 5 days, should I go to hospital?

I Have had a fever for 5 Days 104 – 104.5 degrees . I suspect it may be caused by a tooth infection since my gums are swollen and has minor tooth pain .Two weeks ago I also had a recent stomach ulcer surgery procedure and a follow up scope last week. Should I wait it out or do I need to go to hospital and get IV antibiotics and make sure the Stomach repair is not causing the high fever.

Age: 26
Medications: Tylenol ,
General Information: Past Stomach ulcers corrected by surgery

I suffer from pain in upper left side of the mandibular, what is causing this?

Please can you tell me what is that ” like a circle formation” on the RTG picture attached .
I am 55 years old female .,i feel some discomfort and pain in the upper part of the left side of the mandibular.
Can you tell me what do you see on the RTG image ?

Age: 55
Medications: Metformin
General Information: I am diabetic taking metformin

I have had a pain in my mouth on the bottom left inner cheek, near my gums. Its swollen, white and it bleeds?

Past 2 days I have had a pain in my mouth on the bottom left inner cheek, near my gums. Its swollen, white and it bleeds when i open my mouth to wide. My cheek has a numbness to it. Its a white swollen sore inside my cheek on top too, what could it be?


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I recently got a implant done, but during my healing / antibiotics stage – my tongue started to appear like I have oral thrush?

I recently got a implant done, but during my healing / antibiotics stage – my tongue started to appear like I have oral thrush (white hair – very sticky, and can be scrubbed off with no pain). Red dots all around an large bumps at the back of my tongue. This is no where else in my mouth but my tongue.
I was prescribed Nystatin, but it did not work. I was recently prescribed another mouthwash similar to nystatin but nothing is changing with my mouth. There is no pain anywhere else, minus the odd muscle pains in the legs (started about a week ago).
I also just noticed that I have white scars on penis. I’m not 100% sure when this started, but I noticed it in the last couple days. There is no pain and the scars are about 1mm in dia and are on the shaft of the penis and balls.
Is there something more that I should be worried about?

I started having severe pain in my lower back and left side abdomen just under my bottom rib, should my doctor do other tests?

I am a 69 year old male. 19 days ago today just out of the nowhere I started having severe pain in my lower back and left side abdomen just under my bottom rib. That pain lasted all day but the following day was just like it never happened. Then the third day was back to the same pain again then the fourth day nothing. This pain cycle repeated several times then after 8 or 9 days I started noticing a black tarry stool. There was never any fever and no constipation and only very mild softening of stool during the whole time.The pain episodes were diminishing and the tarry stool was looking normal in about 2 weeks but then I started noticing a lot of mucous surrounding my stool. I had been busy on a work project this whole time and had put off a doctor visit until the 16th day. I called my doctor’s office and went in that day. The doctor did urinalysis, stool test for blood and did bloodwork to check for infection, etc. All these tests came back normal so he scheduled a CT scan for the following morning and the ct scan also came back normal. The doctor put me on ciprofloxan 500mg twice a day and metronidazole 500mg 3 times a day. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago and 3 polyps were removed.
This obviously was/is a GI issue but how could all this have taken place and yet leave no traceable evidence? Should my doctor do other tests or should I just consider this like a health hiccup and forget it?

Surgeon said he had to take cartilage out from my jaw?

Hi , got my all 4 of my wisdom teeth out 7 months, but about 4 days ago i got sharp pain in my lower jaw bone , the surgeon said he had to talk cartilage out from my jaw when he was doing the operation, but i hadn’t had any previous pain before hand, and now its starting to effect my other side of my bottom jaw, just wondering could it be a bone infection thanks

Just had 3 root canals at the dentist, now I have lots of pain?


Just had a (3 roots) root canal treatment at the dentist there was/is an inflammation. Now i have lots of pain. Worse than before the Root canal treatment.

My dentist say’s antibiotics dont help for the inflemmation. Is She correct? Or Should I go to an other dentist for the antibiotics?

I have a nasal cyst which is caused by my teeth I can’t really breath?

Hi, my name is (…), I’m 23 years old. I have a nasal cyst which is caused by teeth.
About 11 years ago I had an operation. They cut my gum and removed the pus. And about 1,5 years they found a new cyst. I can’t really breath as it has grown quiet a lot and my nasal septum twisted.
Is there any way how to cure it without operation?
I tried Nasonex for about 1 month but it didn’t work for me.
Now I’m taking some ayurvedic medicines: manjishta, septilin, neem, kanchnar and lakshadi for teeth
(I alredy have some hole inside the gum)

I’ve recently gone to the dentist and said they found oral cancer?

I’m a 22 year old female who doesn’t smoke or drink. I’ve recently gone to the dentist and they used a blue light and said they spotted something on my soft palate and said it could be oral cancer. I’ve had this spot for a while (years ) and figured it was from sucking the roof of my mouth or clicking it with my tongue when my allergies act up. Again the spot never really goes away and it doesn’t bother me. It’s pretty crush feeling there is some white spots around it.. From what I’ve read online im scared it could be oral cancer. My question is does this look like a oral cancer lesion from the pictures I posted? What are the odds of my getting oral cancer being that I’m only 22 and does not smoke or drink? (it’s that small dark dot behind the big lump on my hard palate)

Dentist gave me epinephrine anesthetic I started shaking, twitching, and moving around uncontrollably?

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my question. I am 25, male, and currently take 1mg of ropinerole at night for restless leg syndrome. I was at the dentist today to get a root canal, and they gave me an epinephrine anesthetic, 16ug as I later found out. Shortly after the shot, I started shaking, twitching, and moving around uncontrollably, and my eyes started tearing up even though I was not feeling emotional. I felt very very extreme and almost had a panic attack sitting in the dentist chair. It took about an hour for these effects to subside. Needless to say, I never got my root canal, and they almost called an ambulance to come check me out. The dentist told me that 16ug of epinephrine is very small and that, at hospitals, they can give people as much as one gram to stop a heart attack. So why would such a small amount of adrenaline almost warrant a trip to the ER?

I had root canal in 2015, still painful – how can I trust doctors after that?

I have root canal treated on 2015 but the pain never stopped
Now it become even more painful that I can’t handle it any more my face is swilling and the X-ray show there is over filling into my maxillo sinus cavity which infected
What is the best thing I can do
Becouse the doctor talked me that it is complicated because of my face anatomy
And he told me that I am the worst case scenario
Iam young and that herts me more because I stay away from society because of my face swilling
The pain rate is 8 of 10
We’re can I go
And how I can trust doctors after that?

Had 8 teeth removed swelling has increased everyday since surgery?

Age 18, Female, just had 8 teeth removed including 4 wisdom teeth. laughing gas and sedation to remove teeth. surgery was on thursday and it has been four days since. antibiotics, hydrocodone, and one other prescribed medication is being taken properly. swelling has increased everyday since surgery and bruised through her cheeks. pain is extremely high and nothing helpds. Face has been iced properly and no change. should she go to the ER or is there any other tips we can take to lesson the pain.

I was prescribed the wrong dose of antibiotics?

I’m 33yrs old just went to dentist for tooth to get pulled they put me on antibiotics for an abscess they prescribed the wrong dose of 150mg I took loaded dose of 300mg/2 pills then continued with one (150mg) every 6hrs unfortunately then pain worsen so I was taking them every 4hours the next day the left side of my face was swollen pain radiating down my neck up my ear all the way to my temple I went to ER and they prescribed me 300mg of same med clindamycin. Still no pain relief and face is even more swollen traveling to chin and lip. My question is: should I take loaded dose of 600mg/2pills and then go down to 300mg/1pill every 6 hrs to attack the bacteria since I fact they gave me wrong dose so technically I never truly had the initial dosage of 600mg. Will this finally start the healing process or will this further strengthen the bacteria? Because at this point they are winning this battle. I’m in constant escrusciating pain that breaks me down to full on tears. I’m talking boo hooing snot drooling wining and crying like a 3yr old my daughter was scared she never saw me cry like a baby before. I’m scared certain post say I can die from the poison I just don’t know wat to do. Please help. I hope I gave u all info. Oh yea taking 2-60g motrins snd 2-100mgtramidol every 4hours and the pain never subsides intact I barely make it to the full 4th hour. There has got to be an explanation or pain management treatment plan for this please help I swear if I had a gun I probably pull the trigger

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