I have been evaluated by a neurologist but my rheumatologist is questioning my symptoms, need second opinion?

23 yo F.
I have been evaluated by a neurologist (these are their findings and am waiting for the specialist, which is awhile out) but my rheumatologist is questioning my symptoms:
– DEEP TENDON REFLEXES: 1 biceps, 1 triceps, 0 knees, and 0 ankles.
– COORDINATION: There is no dysmetria with finger-nose-finger maneuver or heel-knee-shin maneuver
-MUSCULOSKELETAL: Immediately noted is the appearance of diminished intrinsic hand muscle bulk. When she is asked to extend her fingers, fingers are extended at the MCP joints but flexed at the PIP joints. No, I do not have arthritis or swelling. No clubbing.
-Left extensor hallucis 3/5, Right 4/5.

I’m now finding that I actually cannot lift my toe from the ground for more than a tremor of a quick second.

**topamax is for migraines and complex partial seizures

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Ayman Darrag
1:12 pm

In my opinion you need further investigations , you need to get NCV done ..

Dr.Honey Arora
2:03 pm

Thanks for the query..

Do you have reduced functions of any other parts of body too..
Can you undergo Nerve conduction tests, MRI and EMG?

A Neurologists​ advise is.most appropriate in your case..

Get well soon..


Ahmed Fawzy
3:06 pm

I recommend doing a spinal tab to check for multiple sclerosis, also a nerve conduction velocity will be helpful
Good Luck

Ahmed Fawzy
3:20 pm

By the way I did see a Case just like you it was a late diagnosed Case of type 1 diabetes that had your exact symptoms

Masr Fawzy
4:39 pm

I recommend you to be investigated by a neurologist,

Do you have any impairment with sensation ?? Especially in your extremities , feeling hot or cold water ??