My PSA and free PSA have been rising but not consistently?

My PSA and free PSA have been rising but not consistently.
Had a biopsy 2 years ago that was negative.
PSA 6 months ago was 6.5, 2 months ago dropped to 4.35, and yesterday was 8.7.
Also had free PSA ratio done yesterday with was 8.6%.
No urinary tract issues I’m aware of or prostatitis symptoms.
Besides cancer, what can cause free PSA to be so low and PSA serum to
bounce around so dramatically?
Not taking testosterone or anything else. Prostate size is small – @25.

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Dr Masr
Dr Masr

Could be a Laboratory error
Could be increasing ofter having sex
Aging causes it to increase

How old are you?


As elevated PSA ration can be indicative of risk of prostate cancer, although it is not present right now but can be indicative of increased risk with increasing age..
So it should be taken care of and appropriate treatment steps should be followed..
Can you please write down your age and do you have any history or ongoing urinary tract or prostrate infections??

Please revert back so that I can guide you further..


Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy

Recently sexual activity and the biopsy it’s self can cause sudden jump in PSA levels
Good Luck