I have pernicious anaemia and require regular B12 injections, not sure my doctor is doing it right?

I have pernicious anaemia and require regular B12 injections.

I have a new doctor whom I trust. However, when the time comes for my B12 injection, I wonder if he is doing it right because all the other doctors who have injected me with B12 have inflicted me with some level of pain (which I don’t mind as I am used to it and I know to expect it from the B12s). This doctor however inflicts no pain at all and the injection is done very quickly (I always have injections in upper arm) and I can’t help wondering if he is doing it right (He does not hold the needle perpendicular to the skin but slanted too). I have not dared raising the question with him though I have mentioned how painless his injections are. Should I be more open and discuss this with him or is he possibly aware of a way of injecting this B12 which most other doctors don’t know about?

I am 56, female.

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Ayman Darrag
6:57 pm

If you are having no bruising no pain no complications no nerve symptoms then I see that there is no need to worry or discuss it.. It can be taken intramuscular and since no adverse effects are showing then he is doing the right thing for you.

10:17 pm

Thank you Dr. Darrag.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:43 pm

Needle injection is actully an art , the aim is to inject inside the muscle , slight inclination along with normal muscle fibers direction can cause no pain ,
I think he is awesome 🙂
Good Luck

5:02 am

infact i am of the opinion that this doctor is smarter than your previous ones.
Sometimes,holding the needle in slanting positions can cause very less pain and only clever docs know that.
You can discuss this with him to clear your doubts.