I have anemia! I was diagnosed with pneumonia, pain has now moved to my shoulder and ribs is it normal?

Hi i am a 18 yr old female, I have anemia! I was diagnosed with pneumonia on the 2/1/17 after having a cough and other symptoms for over 9weeks, the pneumonia is in my left lung, when I went to the hospital I had pain in my back and chest, the pain has now moved to my shoulder and ribs on left side, is this normal? The pain it really sharp and painful I have also started coughing again this had stopped for about five days and now it’s returned, is that normal? I finish my medication on Monday!

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Ayman Darrag
7:02 pm

It is normal to have chest pain while having pneumonia and cough.. But it is not normal to reoccur after being better or with finishing the treatment ..
What medication did you take and for how long?
Do you have a pain during inspiration or expiration?

Ahmed Fawzy
11:48 pm

It is normal with pneumonia , you seem to have recurrence in diffrent spot , i recommend consulting your doctor
Good Luck

5:03 am

such type of pain is common but should not happen after taking the treatment.
I suggest you to get a repeat Xray chest / HRCT chest to rule out underlying remnant infection.