I can see white patches and a big red patch with a white spot on it in my mouth?

I have had a funny taste in my mouth the past week, and upon looking in the back of my throat there is discoloration from the typical pink color of my gums. Now there are patches of whitish marks and a couple of dark red blemishes, including one with a kind of white spot on it.
I have no other symptoms (no coughing, no itches, aches or pains anywhere, no blood, no fever, and no sensation of lumps, including when swallowing), just the visible marks and the metallic taste.
I used to occasionally socially smoke 10 years ago but stopped years ago, and I only drink on the weekend (once a week on average).
I went to the doctor today and she said she couldn’t see anything, but I can see white patches, and a big red patch with a white spot on it, and there is a constant metallic taste in my mouth.

(I am 31, had my tonsils our as a kid, I am not on any medication, and I have no allergies)

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Ahmed Fawzy
4:06 pm

I can see nothing , do u take vitamins ?
Are you a female (possible metalic taste with pregnancy)?

Ayman Darrag
4:22 pm

Those small blister like structure are common and sometimes come and go on their own.
I Don’t see signs of inflammation .
Nothing to worry

5:49 am

these are signs of lowered vitamin B6 ,B3 and B12 levels in blood.
Take green leafy vegetables with plenty of fruit juices.
Vitamin supplements along with local gel application will help.