I have very severe abdominal pain right side from top (under rib cage) to bottom?

i have very severe abdominal pain right side from top (under ribcage) to bottom ,more front than back , i cannot lay on right side ,back or stomach , this causes severe squashing pain also pain by breathing , cannot take a large breath , can only take short breaths.i have had this since sunday (4,5 days) , cannot stand properly , slighty bent with severe cramping pain.Haven´t eaten much for days , it seems what goes in isn´t coming out. very severe pain when i cough , sneeze and i can´t yawn properly , before i get to full yawn(breathing in taking full breath) , pain grows severe and yawning process seems to shut down

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Ahmed Fawzy
4:15 pm

In my opinion you may have Choledocholithiasis , which is block of gall bladder duct , i recommend immediate doctor consultation and US scan
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
4:27 pm

In my opinion it is likely a muscular strain pain in the inter costal muscles.
To a less extent gall bladder or IBS problems ..
Try heating cream like deep heat and reapril gel..
If nothing changed … Get abdominal USG done..

5:52 am

muscle strain of the skeletal muscles in that region can cause such symptoms.
Pleuritis and gall stones also can mimick these presenting symptoms.
Getr a Chest Xray along with USG abdomen done.
Analgesic muscle relaxant tablets and application of local gels can help.
Consult a gastroenterologist if the USG report of abdomen shows positive findings.