My uterus is retroverted and retroflexed, my doctor doesn’t want to refer me to a specialist?

22 y/o female. No past pregnancies. My whole life i have been hindered by extreme abdominal pain, bowel movement pain and extremely painful periods. A few months ago i was told during an ultrasound my uterus is retroverted and retroflexed, and that my uterus and both ovaries are more to the left side. I have done research and have connected with other who have the same symptoms and conditions. I spoke with my doctor today to see if i could get a referral to an arvigo therapist ( they correct the position of uterus with massage) and he told me no! He said that its impissible for my uterus to be causing any issues and refused to refer me. I have seen other doctors and had other tests done and theyve found no other cause. Does it make sense for my doc to refuse this even though i know what symptoms im having and believei know the cause ( what else could it be?)

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Ayman Darrag
6:53 pm

Retroversion and retroflexion can be corrected by stretching and yoga .massage if it is of a low degree …so I don’t know the point of your doctor of refusing that ..normally if it is not causing any problem I think massage and yoga if they did not help they will not harm.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:37 pm

Your doctor does not believe that massage can fix retroversion of uterus , actully specifically in your case with both retroverion and retroflextion i would go with correction surgery not arvigo therapist .(he does not have the right to give a NO , there is a slim chance it could help so why not ?)
Good Luck

4:59 am

i find no reason why your doctor is refusing you to refer you.
we have seen cases that get corrected by massage.
you should take a second opinion i guess.