I lost a loved one who was shot in the head twice, brain dead but organs working?

I just have a question..I lost a loved one who was shot in the head twice when the police got to him they said that his foot was still on the break and the police were able to put the car in park. He was “coherent” when they found him, but said he was unable to speak. They did a Cat scan and it showed no activity at all. He was transported to another hospital and also they did a cat scan where also it showed no brain activity at all. They said he was brain dead but his organs were still working I am so confused on the part where they said he was coherent and also on the part where they said his organs were still working but his is brain dead and they declared him dead although his heart was pumping and lungs were working. I am not doubting the Dr’s I am just having a hard time understanding how someone is called…brain death. ? They did unplug him off of machine and he only had 1% oxygen so they hurried and connected him back to machine. We had to make a decision to take him off…:( bc they said that his body would have shut down on it’s own. That the only thing keeping him stable was meds and the vent. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully able to give me some info to make me understand better.

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5:41 am

brain death with all other organs working is not impossible but pretty rare.
If the oxygen is 1 % without life support,then he is in stage 4 coma and almost dead.
But unless heart and lungs stop working completely ,you can not declare him dead.

Ayman Darrag
10:10 am

I am so sorry for your loss.. Someone’s brain death is possible while other functions can still be working for some time after;ventilator can help breathing passively to help working body organs to still in action the longest possible time but it is not a long time as brain is the mover abd controller of all body functions. For a diagnosis of brain stem death to be made: a person must be unconscious and fail to respond to outside stimulation a person’s heartbeat and breathing can only be maintained using a ventilator there must be clear evidence that serious brain… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
11:41 am

This is brain death = death , does not matter if other organs are functioning , i am really sorry but it is just a matter a of time before all organs shut down , i am really sorry but declaring him dead was the right choice .