Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia?

Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia? Had back surgery on 12/8- complained x3 post op visits to surgeon about left side rib pain. He said the rib pain had nothing to do with the back surgery. .Still having pain, saw GP on 2/1- Chest x-ray shows healing 7th left side rib fracture. Pre OP chest x ray is normal I have not bee sick. Can this fx have been a result of the anesthesia?

Age: 55
Medications: Ambien 10 mg

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:05 pm

Anesthesia complications are varied but a rib fracture is not one of them. Some spinal complications may occur under local anesthesia But an impact, contact or violent coughing is needed to fracture a rib. Do your remember having fallen, being struck? Did something happen during surgery or during your hospital stay? An event must have occurred.

6:15 pm

Prior to or immediately after the 12/8 surgery I did not fall not have any coughing or pneumonia. My internist feels that it must have happened during the surgery. He feels perhaps in positioning they have been rough or not carful in turning and positioning me and I the impacted the rib on a rail of the OR table. The fx is healing and the radiologist says it takes 4-6 weeks to heal which is back to the date of surgery. Thank you.

9:52 am

There was no violent coughing, I did not fall or impact my chest. The pain began 2 weeks post op and continues. My internists believe I may have been roughly handled or on positioning impacted my chest with the metal rails of the OR table. Also, my husband in the RR noted there was blood on the right side of my face. Could the straps used have been to tight and put pressure and fractured the rib?

Dr. Javez Ernesto
10:09 am

Of course there may have been improper patient handling resulting in injury. But it is next to impossible to prove or know for sure. Usually hospitals will have some kind of safe handling guidelines and procedures set up. You may want to check to see what they are and if they were adequate.