I have developed a tremor in my left hand concerned that this is a progression of something that went not diagnosed?

I have developed a tremor in my left hand for the last 5 months. It is only when I do one specific action (i.e chopping movement from the elbow) My hand quivers from side to side when I do this. I also have tenderness in my elbow and my doctor is dismissive of it and says it must be tennis elbow. But it is going on so long now I am getting concerned. I have seen a neurologist 3 years ago in relation to tingling of the arms and legs and jumping muscles. She did some simple neurological exams on me and said it was not anything but maybe fibromyalgia. I am concerned that this is a progression of something that went undiagnosed.

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8:07 am

tennis elbow never causes tremors,be assured.
it does seem to be a neurological cause.
you need a detailed neurological re-assessment with necessary investigations to make sure u are not missing on anything.

Masr Fawzy
8:24 am

If its only in one side , so I believe your doctor is right ,
Please tell me more about the tremor , is it v obvious or it’s fine tremors, are u on any medications ? Or do u have any medical history ..

Ahmed Fawzy
12:44 pm

I believe it is either tennis or golfers elbow which caused inflamation to your ulner Or radial nerve
I recommend focusing on treating your elbow by physical therapy
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
1:21 pm

Thanks for the query..

Your symptoms are pointing towards nerve related problems only..
You should get a thorough examination with investigation like Nerve conduction velocity, EMG, MRI etc for further confirmation that can be missed with manual examination..
As of now Physiotherapy can help..

Hope this information helps..


Ayman Darrag
1:32 pm

It is either due to neuritis of ulnar/radial nerves or the unflammed tennis elbow tendon origin caused nerve inflammation causing this tremor…
Another possibility is the inflamed tendon muscles have weakened and the tremor is due to weakness ..