I have a fracture on my left hand finger while I was playing football?

I have a fracture on my left hand finger while I was playing football. I put plaster for three weeks. And after removed and take an x-ray. But it is same as first day’s x-ray. Now 1month 10 days past. No pain on fracture. But little pain on finger joints. Yesterday also i took an x-ray. It shows same like first day. My age is 40yrs. Pls advise?

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Masr Fawzy
4:02 am

I can not see any fractured bone, May be ot was just sprain in the joints,
I recommend u to use analgesics…
And follow up

8:04 am

if u have no pain at the fracture site,then i think u need not worry.
The callus is just in the initial stage of formation and u will soon see radiological signs of union.
continue physiotherapy,do not lift anything heavy.
best wishes.

Ahmed Fawzy
12:40 pm

There is no fracture and there was no fracture

Ayman Darrag
1:28 pm

It may take time to heal..it us healing but seems it is slow..In my opinion you need more time in cast with calcium supplement..

Dr.Honey Arora
1:33 pm

Thanks for the query..

You do not need to worry as only Physiotherapy is enough..
Avoid over exerting like weight lifting or heavy pull and push..
Take muscle relaxant..

Hope this helps.