I’ve had debilitating pelvic pain for over a year. It affects my bladder, lady parts and colon/intestines?

I’ve been suffering from at times debilitating pelvic pain for a year and a half. It primarily affects my bladder, lady parts and colon/intestines and will feel like I’m literally being stabbed when it flares. It now rules my life and nobody is finding exactly what is going on. I was initially diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, and then another Urologist told me he didn’t think I had it. Then the same happened with Endometriosis. Other symptoms include pain sometimes intensifying about an hour or so after I eat, ANY pressure on my pelvis – I can barely wear pants or tolerate a seat belt, aggravation with being on my feet or exercise (gravity/pressure). I feel bloated and sometimes my bowels are compromised… it will be hard at the beginning, then totally loose and I never feel like I’m fully emptying. It hurts to push when I urinate and my bladder definitely has been uncomfortable. The pain is becoming too much and I’ve met too many Dr’s who don’t believe me and just think I’m trying to inappropriately get my hands on pain meds, while I’m legitimately suffering. I don’t know what to do.

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Ayman Darrag
6:05 am

Hi and welcome to questiondoctors.com
Your symptoms and complain is strongly related to what is called spastic colon or IBS which can be treated primarily with some medications like coloverin A..and D..
But the real treatment is being more relaxed and nervous as its main cause is stress and anxiety…yoga and breathing exercises can help you in daily basis..maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding spices..fat..helps much…
Please let me know if you have any comments that clarify the diagnosis ..

4:42 pm

Thanks Dr. Can IBS really affect your bladder though to such an extent? My urethra and bladder feel as if I have the worst UTI imaginable but no bacterial infection could be found. I know the colon and bladder are closely related so maybe this is a possibility?

Ayman Darrag
9:00 pm

Hi vesna ..
As u said they are anatomically strongly related..spastic colon or IBS may even cause pressure over the ureters and cause urination difficulties and kidney pain…
If you do not have burning sensation and no bacteria detected in there then it is mostly as I told u..
Wish you speedy recovery