Lump on neck spine, family died from cancer, can this be cancer?

Hello. I have recently discovered a lump on the neck spine of my wife. It is located at the place, where the spine connects with the scull. The lump itself is hard (bony), immovable (it feels attached to the spine), and a little painful when pushed. My wife is 20 year old, generally healthy (exept of the stye on the right eye). The thing that worried me a lot, is that she had a bad cancer history in her family- her grandfather and grabdmother died from cancer. Can this lump be a cancer?

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Ayman Darrag
12:06 pm

It is not probably a cancer dont worry…
but are you sure it is bony attached to the skull? not a skin lump?
are you sure it is not the vertebrae you are palpating as it might be painful if there is cervical muscle spasm..?
does it has a different color?
does you wife has any symptoms?
Is it a recent lump ?
If non of these is yes then it is likely nothing to worry could be just a benign calcification..

6:41 am

this may be an enlarged lymph node or a lipoma/ sebaceous cysts which are sometimes firm and feel like a hard bone.
cancer to develop at this site is usually rare.
practically,any lump can be a cancer, but its unusual at her age to get cancer.
to confirm,you can get n xray/mri done and if needed,get it removed and sent it for histopathology to confirm.