Missed period, brown discharge spotting on toilet paper. This has never happened before?

Age:28. Female. No medical history. No medication. 100% healthy. Regular 28 day cycle like clockwork. Very sexually active with husband. Trying to conceive. My Q is this, Oct. 29, 2016:Missed period.. Nov. 2, 2016:Super light pink discharge spotting only on toilet paper lasting only 2-3 hours. 5 days late for period.. Nov. 3, 2016:No discharge at all.. Nov. 4, 2016:Brown discharge spotting only on toilet paper lasting for only 1-2 hours.. Nov. 5, 2016:Red-orange light discharge spotting on and off all day with some slight pinching sensation in upper pelvic area/lower abdominal area that was bearable and only lasted a few minutes.. Nov. 6, 2016:Slightly heavier red-orange discharge spotting (not like a period).. Nov. 7, 2016:Pink-red discharge spotting on toilet paper.. Nov. 8, 2016:Brown discharge spotting on toilet paper. This has never happened before and I’m freaking out. What’s going on?

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Ayman Darrag
2:57 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors .com
This might carry some good news for you ..
It’s caused by implantation bleeding, which occurs when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine lining (usually five to 10 days after conception). It’s hard at this stage to distinguish whether physical symptoms like bloating, breast swelling and acne are caused by pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome.
Are you taking contraceptives??

10:35 am

this can happen due to hormonal changes. Rare possibility is of pregnancy. Get pregnancy test done.
consult a gynecologist.

shalini p
2:24 pm

hello there
it can be due to some sort of changes in your hormonal levels in blood. if you are not pregnant,then these changes should go away with time.