My face is pale almost white compared to my tanned body?

small squishy lumps slight swelling side of neck sleeping for days on end missing day out headache back of head ear pain no infection ache in neck shoulder hurts loss of appetite pelvic pain all swabs clear for infections my face is pale almost white compared to my tanned body

Age: 28
Medications: sertraline
General Information: night sweats for past 3weeks lump swelling 2.5month extreme tierness for 3 weeks apetite loss for 4weeks slight weight loss over 3 weeks 9kg loss not trying

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
3:41 pm

If culture swab all good, then you need to rule out other conditions. Could be enlarged lymph nodes indicating infection or other condition. CBC test is needed to check for mono or other conditions. Also ultrasound and ct scan would be a good first step to help give a clearer picture.

Original Poster
Original Poster
5:56 pm

ive had bloods taken 9 tubes of it get results back in 3 days ill uploads them when I get them