Question: My little boy always constipated or diarrhea – feel completely lost with what to do?

Right so got a quick question my little boy now 13 weeks hasn’t been a very happy baby from about 1/2 weeks old. Very sick always screaming in pain either constipated or diarrhea so tried everything for colic nothing worked then got prescribed ranitidine for re flux didn’t help then got prescribed gaviscon on top of that still no joy. So then changed to aptamil anti reflux stopped the sickness but no joy with the fussiness and pain also caused him to be very constipated causing hard stools with blood. Today we went back to the doctors and was prescribed nutramagine with lgg for cows milk allergy . First bottle was fabulous hardly any sick and actually went of to sleep on his own no rocking bouncing screaming nothing. Well second bottle didn’t go so great I am literally smothered in sick probably the most sick he is ever been just feel completely lost with what to do ??

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5:13 am

i dont think he is having any major disease or anything. just relax. this does happen in many of the children at this age due to digestion problems like lactose intolerance. etc.
. u can try some foods like cerelac, after consulting your pediatrician.
try giving hepatic liver digestive enzymes like liv 52, that will help him digest his food.
as his age progresses, his problems will go away.