Question: My mom has bronchitis..breathing heavily but…

Chest X-Ray of my Mom, whose age is around 65 years, is indicating bronchitis (mentioned in x-ray report) although she doesn’t show any usual symptoms of bronchitis. The only symptom she shows is panting (breathing heavily) if walking bit fast also she faces difficulty (panting) when climbing up the stairs.I would like to kindly inform you that she doesn’t get any chest pain when walking fast or climbing up the stairs. She is not coughing nor does she have any fever. Kindly advise what might be reason, is there cough or sputum accumulation in chest, you are kindly requested to advise us for the best possible treatment. Is it possible to use one Expectorant to remove all the mucus/cough.

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10:47 am

if she has no cough,fever,then there is no possibilty that she may have mucous.
mild bronchitis will have no symptoms initially but only some difficulty in breathing may be the starting symptom.
also weakness and anemia cause breathlessness on exertion. get her blood checked too.

it may also be a start of asthma.
instead of expectorant , use bronchodilators