Question: Mosquito bites on vacation leave dark purple spots

I have recently returned from a holiday abroad where I gained numerous mosquito bites which I had a massive allergic reaction to. They became swollen and bruised and left my legs in a state. Now the majority of scars have faded however a few on my legs have remained a dark purple color and looks like I have holes in my legs. I’m currently using bio oil to help fade the scars but nothing seems to be working. Any help or suggestions to fade the scars? It is really knocking my confidence and I’m repeatedly covering up my legs.

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4:39 am

if the other lighter marks have faded away then even these will go away. may be these were more severe and deep bites. to accelerate the healing process you may apply anti allergic-steroid based creams ant take vitamin E tablets. If still,u dont see any improvement, you can get a dermatologist opinion.

Ayman Darrag
7:18 am

First you have to use an anti allergic cream to relive the allergic reaction
For the bruising
Use a vitamin E contained oil..
Lemon juice
Aloe vera water and olive oil..
If does not work ..try a chemical peeling product which is present over the counter.