My mother is diagnosed with (G2) adenocarcinoma stomach, is chemotherapy the best option?

Hi. My mother is 44 and has been recently diagnosed with (G2) adenocarcinoma stomach. There is no visible bleeding. Just internal bleeding through stool.
I’m posting her PET scan review:
bove scan was reviewed and the following comments were offered.
Stomach shows irregular wall thickening involving cardia, fundus & body along lesser curvature of stomach
(thickness 4.0 cm, SUV max 14.6). It is abutting the inferior surface of spleen. Fat planes between stomach
and spleen appears lost at places.
Few mildly metabolically active perigastric lymphnodes are seen (largest 1.6 x 0.7 cm, SUV max 4.3).
Increased tracer uptake was seen in level VI lymphnode. This appears unrelated to primary disease process.
Right lung upper lobe shows a calcified nodule. Rest of the both lungs are unremarkable. No metabolically
inactive or metabolically active nodules or infiltrates are seen.
Trachea and main stem bronchi appear unremarkable. There is no evidence of pleural effusion or metabolically
active pleural abnormalities.
A subcm metabolically active superior mediastinal lymphnode is also seen (SUV max 5.2).
No metabolically active lesions were seen in nasopharynx, oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx and hypopharynx.
Major salivary glands appear unremarkable. No metabolically active lesion was seen in the thyroid.
No significant metabolically active cervical lymphadenopathy was seen.
Liver shows physiological tracer distribution. No significant metabolically active lesions were noted in
both lobes of liver.
Gall bladder is visualized. No significant metabolically active abnormalities are seen in gall bladder.
Spleen shows physiological tracer distribution. No metabolically active lesions were noted.
No metabolically active abnormality was seen in the pancreas.
Bilateral adrenals and kidneys are unremarkable and show physiological tracer distribution.
Small and large bowel shows physiological tracer distribution.
No metabolically active abnormalities were seen in the mesentery.
Rectum shows physiological tracer distribution.
No significant metabolically active pelvic lymphadenopathy was noted.
Both axial and appendicular skeletal system show physiological tracer distribution.
Urinary bladder is not well distended and show physiological tracer distribution.
Rest of the body shows normal physiological tracer uptake.
1. Metabolically active stomach wall thickening (with extension & involvements) with perigastric lymphnodal
involvement as described.
2. No other metabolically active disease elsewhere in the body.

Her haemoglobin count is 6.6 due to which doctors suggested to go for chemotherapy.
I wanted to know if it’s the best option? What would be the success rate of the treatment. Is there any other alternative?
Thank you.

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Ayman Darrag
8:55 am

Hi and welcome to question
Sorry to hear that and i wish her speedy recovery ..
The solutions for a G2 tumor extending to VI lymph node is rarely surgical as the whole tumor can not be excised …so chemotherapy and radiation therapy are best treatment available now…
Try working on boosting her body immune system and give her healthy diet (fruits vegetables and boiled low fat proteins)….