My problem is no energy, shopping for groceries takes all my energy?

hemoglobin 9.7 is low
tsh 0.424 is low
I ad problem with my iron level before, how much do I need to take
What does a low TSH mean
B12 was 2000, but I was taking to much and has cut back. I to use Symbcort and rescue inhalers. The rescue inhaler I might use about 3 times a month.
My vitamin d was down to 8.1, it is back up 33.9
I am taking vitamin d3 4000 a day. I took 1 pill once a week for 8 weeks 50,000 units. My test was done at my doctor office, but I have not heard from him. The vitamin d he did call, the other I have not heard from him.

Age: 66
Medications: Proair HFA as needed, Symicort 80/4.5 twice a day Diazepam 5 mg as needed or 3 times a day
General Information: The Symicort has helped greatly. The rescue inhaler I may have to use twice a month. Problem low energy. I know it is not my b12, that was tested and it was to high. I was taking double the dose for daily use. I have for right now cut down to every other day. Vitamin D was 8.1 took 8 pills once a week of 50,000. The level was back up to 39.2. I take 4000 a day of vitamin d3. My problem is no energy, shopping for groceries takes all my energy. It is not shortage of breath, I just have to rest a few mins and then in about 30 mins am okay. I take beet supplement, aloe supplement, and omega red. My body aches after shopping as if I have been working out. I have not heard from my doctor on the low hemoglobin or TSH level. I need to know how much iron to take, this is not the first time my hemoglobin has been low. I have a problem with low iron.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:54 pm

Depending on the laboratory reference ranges, your TSH may be slightly elevated, in other labs and some countries your TSH would be considered normal. Low TSH means Hypothyroidism which is treated with Thyroid hormone supplementation (such as Synthroid) which may in fact help you get reenergized. Low hemoglobin can be due to iron deficiency – a ferritin test (iron level) should be done. it may also be due to some other cause such as internal blood loss, vitamin mineral issues or perhaps even your hypothyroidism. Further investigation should be carried out.