My shirt touched the bathroom stall, could this result in me getting anything?

Not so much a medical issue as it is a question regarding general health. I have bad OCD and my shirt touched the bathroom stall wall at work today and I wanted to know the likelihood that this could result in me getting anything based on a normal day (perhaps touching the part of the shirt impacted due to an itch or something as well as rubbing my eyes if they get itchy/tired). I know this is a really weird question but I really need an answer to alleviate my stress (Yes I am on medication and yes I’m normally fine. This issues is an exception but I need answers all the same).

Age: 20
Medications: Prozac

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
10:55 am

First, a public bathroom stall is unlikely to cause a threat to your health. Bacteria die off quite quickly and if you wash your hands after use there is no need to worry. Second, transmission of germs through clothes would not occur by simply touching a stall wall. It would require wearing the same clothes or washing with other germ filled clothes. So – no – there is no need to worry.

Dr.Honey Arora
10:57 am

Thanks for the query..

Do not worry as the likelihood of any infection is very less.
Most of the times infections occur if your skin or an open wound on skin comes in contact with any infected person’s blood or any infection body fluid like blood, semen, vaginal fluid, saliva etc.
But as it does not look to be the case so you are safe.
Just wash your shirt and disinfect it if you have any doubt.

Hope this helps..