My son has uneven hip creases becoming more pronounced

At the age of 2 months, a nurse noticed that my DS has uneven hip creases. So we eventually, did a US scan which indicated that both hips are fine with the alpha angle 63 degrees (left) and 74 degrees (right). The femoral head coverage was 58% (left) and 65% (right)

Now as she grows up the legs length and knee height difference become more pronounced. This week at the 4-month check the nurse has also noticed that and we are doing another USS.

What Are other reasons for this condition if not hip dysplasia?

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11:19 am

it may be congenital hip subluxation or dislocation or it may be stunted growth of either the femur or tibia bone.
only usg wont help.
get xrays of all the joints and bones of both limbs to compare.