Growth under my tongue, varies in size when I eat?

So i’ve had this “ball” under my tongue, on the roof of my lower mouth, and i’ve had this for like 2-3 months maybe more, it does not hurt. it just is there. but whenever i eat a lot the ball grows a bit and becomes hard, and then after a while if i have not eaten anything, it will return to normal, being soft and little smaller. i showed it to my doctor and he said he did not knew what it was. so maybe or hopefully you can help me. I’ve had cancer before, it was called Hodkins lymphoma i think. but according to the doctor im done with the cancer for some years ago.


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11:16 am

this can be early stage of recurrence of the cancer, or may be an simple enlarged lymph node.
if its not painful,then i dont think you need to worry much.
you can always aspirate it and send for histopathology to confirm what it is.

1:58 am

Hi I have the same thing rn. One morning I got up and suddenly this little lump came and some time it grow big with blood in it, then other time it’s small again