My Wife totally Removed thyroid 2 years ago

My Wife totally Removed thyroid 2 years ago and she used to take Eltroxin tablets 150/day and 100/day
everything was going ok and TSH tests was normal ranges
till last Month we made TSH test and results was H 6.19 she Decided to increase Eltroxin to 200/day and 150/day ( because she knows that Eltroxin tablets Is inversely proportional to TSH )
so she want to low down TSH level …….(after 1 month with dusage 200 and 150 )
we made TSH test results L 0.01 ) and she got sick,Fast heartbeat,sweating and fatigue .
she came back to take only 1(100 Eltroxin /day )

so now what is the good advice ?
decrease Eltroxin dose or what to get TSH back to normal range ?
what is the good dose for Eltroxin

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Dr.Honey Arora
11:46 am

Thanks for the query…

If the TSH levels are drastically fallen then it is an emergency condition and needs immediate medical assistance as such low levels can be fatal..
Dose titration without proper guidance of an Endocrinologist can be very harmful and damaging to the body..
So as of now she should be taken to emergency care..

Hope she get better soon..


Dr.Honey Arora
11:48 am

She needs to be monitored on regular basis and the dose can be decided depending on her body weight and other parameters and also it will be taken care that she needs a single dose or twice a day..