Question: One year old blind boy can’t move..please help?

Hi! Would you be able to take a look at this? I am currently a nursing student. I saw this video on facebook and thought it might be Stiff Person Syndrome. But his body seems to be too stiff and it was said on the description that his body feels hard and that the boy is also blind. They are looking for help and I wanted to help them with finding out what is happening to the child. I’ve done a bit or research but nothing came up that suits the description of this young boy. Thank you in advance!

Posted by Tandayag Jarily on Friday, July 29, 2016

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Julia L.
Julia L.
5:25 pm

The immobility could be caused by Infant Spinal Cord Damage… but should not affect vision though.

5:30 am

he seems to hve arthogryposis multiplex congenita .. meaning all his body systems are affected since birth.

other possibilty is cerebral palsy