Question: My family has Familial Tremors…my tremors have now increased

In 2012 my doctor started me on Lamictal to help regulate my mood and boost the wellbutrin I take. Around that time (age 34) I noticed a faint tremor in my hands. As the years have past the tremors have worsen. My grandfather, aunt and father all have Familial Tremors that started in their thirties so I chalked it up to that.

I had read that Lamictal may cause tremors so my doctor and I decided to reduce my dose just to see which was the true cause. Unfortunately I have noticed an increase in my tremors. However I am told the Familial tremors worsen as you age.

Do you think Lamictal could have been reducing the tremors, since it is mainly used as a seizure drug?

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4:58 am

i dont think so and lamictal have had no role in your tremors. its genetic as u said and thats the cause. lamictal may or may not have very little effect on the tremors.

if you live healthy and have high immunity,then the tremors wont worsen. dont worry