Question: Doctors say I have Attention Deficit Disorder….all I want to do is give up

I am a 33years old man live in japan for 4years but from my native country Srilanka.since my childhood I was a deep thinker about anything comes to my mind without controlling and had a habit of giving up things for long time . I was a born artist had many talents on it but i gave up my artistic skills at age 16 and wanted to become an inventor in technical side such as mechanical and electronics . But even though i had so many ideas couldn’t finish any those ideas practically . I felt so lazy to work hard .at age 24 i felt something wrong in me .i became a failure of every workplace i worked . Things happened at each work places like lack of understanding the work,sleepy,feel like my mind and brain are stuck lost no confidence ,shy ness ,lack of talking ability to even to my own friends .as a result of it i got insulted and laugh buy coworkers then i stop jobs and even its not i fed up with doing jobs under some one .my father was big business man at his time but died when i was 1and half years baby . When i grew up all i wanted to do is become a business man like my father . In my life i am not only unsuccessful in my work places also i am a failure at my own home . I dont do any thing at home just sleep all day thinking and masturbating .As a result of my failure i was looking for medical advises from doctors .then i got medicated and cured some of my debilitates such as understanding job and sleepiness . Doctors say i have ADHD . I feel now i am cured but still have giving up mentality . I started a new job after one year with so much courage and hopes and got learn the job very fast but after one week i fell so lazy to go to my new job. I have lost the courage again .May i know doctor whats is exactly going on me . Do i have to get medicine ?i still want to be a rich man . I want to work hard to win my goal . I don’t want to think any thing until i win .but have no courage . Now i have confidence to do anything but my mind get tired easily then feel like giving up again an again .thank you looking foreword to get a reply

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7:06 am

u seem to have symptoms of adhd, but u seem to be in a recovering phase.
u seem pretty strong on will power and will definitely do well.
the symptoms that you are experiencing now are not typical of adhd and can also be caused by calcium and vitamin deficieny.

get blood tests done to see any derangements.. take some energy boosters . thats all you need.