Question: Want to remove plate and screws in my arm … need 2nd opinion

Hello my name is … I needed a second opinion I got in a car accident a little over a year ago and had a plate and screws put in my forearm I’m a very active person that loves lifting weights. I’m really considering getting it removed because I do get discomfort when I workout now and i get a stiff aching pain in my arm. My doctor said he would remove it just told me there is a risk of re fracture and numbness . Could you give me any advice?

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Ayman Darrag
6:22 pm

Hey, Normally plate and screws can be left for years into your body without causing any problem. but if you are feeling stifness and heaviness in your arm this would mean your bones are weak or muscles are not strong enough,, you have to see a Good Physiotherapist to get the Full Range of motion of your Arm joints forearm and wrist joints,Make sure supination and pronation are working well, strength your muscles and make a x ray to make sure the bones are healed well and there is no probability of re fracture,then it is safe to remove them… Read more »

7:09 am

if its been a year , and if the bones are totally united,which has to be confirmed on xray, the it can be removed anytime.
if the operation is done properly, there are absolutely no chances of refracture or numbness.

you should get it removed as early as possible. the older it gets, more difficult it is to remove.