My son has been sick for about 3 days now?

So my son has been sick for about 3 days now, here are his symptoms
Fever (High of 100.5)
Super sore throat, can barely swallow.
Lumps on the back of the throat, pinkish red
Swollen tonsils, not swollen all the way. just a bit.
Hurts to swallow.
Painful headache, the worst I’ve ever seen. He normally sleeps on his side, but he couldn’t, it was too painful, even after he took a pain reliever, couldn’t even look at our computer, it made it worse, now he still has the headache.
No appetite.
Thick mucas
Bit of a cough
Bit of a stuffy nose.


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Ayman Darrag
12:33 pm

This is much looking like tonsillitis and upper airway infection , you need to give him a suitable antibiotic ,if he has no penicillin sensitivity then you can give him a dose suitable to his (age?).
Plenty of fluids is necessary to loose the phlegm.
Vitamin c in form of orange,lemon,guava juices .

Ahmed Fawzy
7:59 pm

If it is viral infection it should clear out in 10 days, have your doctor check for both strep throat, and tonsillitis , tell him to avoid speak in open places and to have warm drinks
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:06 am

Thanks for the query..

The symptoms are clear indication of upper respiratory tract infection..
This is commonly a viral infection but there can be associated secondary bacterial infection.
You should give him a combination of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen.
Suck throat lozenges..
Do warm saline gargles and antiseptic mouthwash gargles..
Chew a Vitamin C pellet daily..
Avoid spicy and chilled foods..
For nasal congestion doing steam inhalation and saline nasal irrigation can help..
It would hopefully resolve in 4-5 days..

Hope this helps..


Dr.Honey Arora
12:15 pm

I would also like to tell you that in case if he does not.improve in 4-5 days or develop white spots or patches on throat or tonsils then you should get a throat swab culture done and if bacterial infection is diagnosed then antibiotics has to be taken..

Proceed accordingly..


Masr Fawzy
7:38 am

It’s tonsillitis , with mostly sinusitis,

7 days course of amoxicillin
Hot drinks

That’s it