Question: Suffering from sesamoid pain.. podiatrist says no multiple cortisone shots

Been suffering from sesamoid pain for 1+ year. Diagnosed as bipartite sesamoid fracture. 19 years old so podiatrist hesitant to do multiple cortisone shots. Had one done that lasted for 4 months pain free back to normal activity. was in boot for 4 months post initial injury. Now limiting walking and compensating by walking on the lateral aspect of foot. pain on palpation. Feeling some strain in lateral ankle with inversion. pain with extension of first metatarsal. wearing orthotics with cutout beneath first metatarsal and hard soled sneakers daily. Also stretch gastroc/ soles 3 times/ day. No relief. Ice and take advil when a high walking day. Use kinesio taping method physical therapist showed me that is no longer helping any. What else can be done.

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10:40 am

you have done almost everything that needs to be done for this condition. at our clinic, we give cortisone shot as the last option, when other treatments fail. maximum 3 cortisone shots can be given at one site.
if the sesamoid bone is causing the pain, the that bone can be removed as a last option.

Ayman Darrag
9:36 am

You can try doing 6 sessions of laser and ultra sound treatment with your physiotherapist..if nothing got better..then sesamoid bone ban be surgically removed ..