Suffering from umbilical hernia that is reducible, should I be alarmed?

I have small (about the width of two fingers) umbilical hernia that is reducible. I have no pain and seem to be passing stool and urine fine. I know the need to get repaired and am in the process of figuring that out. However I do feel an sensation of fluid coming out of the area where the hernia is. I do touch the spot a lot to make sure the hernia is not pushing out. I assume this can be a sensation of blood rushing to one area? Should i be alarmed if I have no other symptoms?

Age: 26
Medications: amitryptline

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Ayman Darrag
9:14 am

In my opinion you should get it fixed surgically to avoid its complications, the sensation of blood rushing to the area suddenly may indicate that this area can be deprived from circulation any time if it is out, so you need it to be checked.